About Us

Who are we?

You are reading about Fokarex team. A team with 5 members from all over the world, Based in the United States.

We are all full-time forex traders. Our Head office is located in California, United states and our other members work remotely from other countries.

What we do?

After 7 years of Forex trading, We turned our strategies into mathematics and we are ready to provide them to Forex traders and anybody who is interested in earning money. You can experience a reasonable monthly profit automatically in this market  without dedicating any hour of your life on it .

After approximately 2000 hours of testing, we are honored to share our knowledge and experience as a service to our users with Forex robots and indicators. We take pride in what we do. Our services will help everybody to have a passive income from forex market with safe and precise strategies.

Where are we?


Our Head office and support team:
California, United states

Our technical team:
Istanbul, Turkey 

Our goal:
We want to provide our services to people so we can make a group of  professional traders to build a Millionaires Academy.

Support: Fokarex247@gmail.com
+1 (609) 891-8287